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TerraSearch Geophysical Welcomes David Givens!

TerraSearch Geophysical is excited to announce that Mr. David M. Givens, M.A., RPA, is joining our firm as a Partner. Mr. Givens has over eight years of experience in geophysics and over 30 years of expertise in Historical Archaeology in the Chesapeake region. Before joining TeraSearch, he served as Director of Archaeology at Jamestown, overseeing the excavation of English America’s first permanent settlement. Recent work by Mr. Givens and colleagues at GSSI involved developing techniques using high-amplitude GPR antennas to successfully map shrouded burials at Jamestown!

Mr. Givens has co-authored and published numerous topics on Jamestown and Colonial America and his recent works include Angela: Jamestown and the First Africans (2022), Church & State: The Archaeology of the Foundations of Democracy (2020), 1619 – 2019: Democracy, Diversity, Discovery (2019), Holy Ground: Archaeology, Religion, and the First Founders of Jamestown (2016), and Jane: Starvation, Cannibalism, and Endurance at Jamestown (2013).

We are particularly excited to have David join our team and look forward to expanding our work in the Chesapeake and Mid-Atlantic regions. If you have a project that might require GPR in these regions, contact David at dgivens@terrasearchgeo.com.