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Jamestown Rediscovery Dig Deeper Episode 65

Vibracore expert Dr. David Leslie (TerraSearch Geophysical - https://terrasearchgeo.com/, Heritage Consultants - https://www.heritage-consultants.com/, and University of Connecticut - https://earthsciences.uconn.edu/) and Jamestown Rediscovery’s Director of Archaeology, Dave Givens, describe the ongoing examination of the human occupation of Jamestown Island during the past 15,000 years. The current approach uses vibracoring to collect soil samples that are up to 10 feet below the Pitch and Tar Swamp.

Such studies can show the presence of and how the First Peoples lived on Jamestown Island as well as the arrival of early English settlers and later 19th century industrial manufacturing. Vibracore samples can create a timeline of the past history and predictions for the rate of future sea level rise that may submerge large parts of Jamestown Island. Through this video learn how soil core samples were prepared and see the first results of this study.