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iCRV Radio Program Archaeology of Connecticut

Principal David Leslie joined the iCRV radio program "Archaeology of Connecticut" earlier this week, a show which is co-hosted by the Connecticut Office of State Archaeology (OSA) and Friends of the Office of State Archaeology (FOSA). While there were some early technical difficulties, the discussion centered around the upcoming field season OSA and FOSA have planned. We also had a chance to discuss several of the remote sensing techniques TerraSearch and our partner firm, Heritage Consultants, have been assisting OSA to help plan their excavations. The topics ranged from a general discussion of Ground Penetrating Radar and Magnetometry, to Paleoindians, 17th century sites within the Connecticut River Valley, and ongoing investigations at a Revolutionary War encampment used by French soldiers under the command of Marshall Rochambeau!

The May 2nd program is curated at the iCRV homepage for the radio program, as well as the FOSA website.

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